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13 Reasons to Support Don Guymon for State Central Committee in '13

  • Leadership. Don led the fight on the central committee to protect our principles, sponsoring resolutions to protect our caucus system, defend the sanctity of life, fiscal discipline and the second amendment.  He serves as Chairman of GrassRoots and writes the annual GrassRoots report.  Former acting chair state constitution and bylaws; Davis County Rules Chair, former education chair, elections chair and legislative chair. Don is a leader in our battle to preserve our Caucus and Convention System.
  • Platform. Don wrote and sponsored the bylaw in Davis County which requires candidates to state whether they support the party platform.  Don is proud of our platform and supports it 100%
  • Priorities.  Don has led the fight to protect state delegate's voices in the party.
  • Family.  Don understands that our children's future will be better with a strong Republican party committed to its principles.  He is married to the former Pamela Taylor, they are the parents of five children.
  • Service.  Has served on the State Central Committee since 1999 with strong attendance. 
  • Knowledgeable.  Served for three years on state rules and resolutions committee; Davis County rules and elections chair.  Wrote county convention rules in Davis County.
  • Respected. Asked at last convention to nominate Rep. Rob Bishop.  Has a positive relationship with Federal GOP office holders and state leaders.  He makes certain grassroots Republicans have a voice; and our party sticks to its principles.
  • Community. Former Chairman of Bountiful Jr. High Community Council.  Coaches little leage basketball and baseball.  Don is also a Boy Scout leader.
  • Values. Led the effort in Davis County to pass Amendment Three which protects traditional marriage. 
  • Financial Discipline.  Don has an MBA and understands budgets.  Former member state audit committee.
  • Fighter. Don has fought and will continue to fight for our principles; the Republicans must stand against the leftist agenda.  
  • Committed.  Don will work hard to insure we continue to elect Republicans in the state of Utah.
  • Accountable. Don recognizes he is accountable to you.


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